Getting Older...

Mr Wilson Friday December 15, 2023

IMG 7623  

According to my human I am five years old today, but I think he's got that wrong... feels much more like thirty five, but at least I still look cute!

So here we go again...

Mr Wilson Sunday November 10, 2019

I must say it's hard to keep up, seems now the human I thought was my "official" one, but then went away for ages so I had given up on, is now back! I think he's feeling guilty about deserting me again so is being very attentive and feeding me quite well, considering.

Just to make sure, here I am looking extra cute because that generally results in more treats!

IMG 3222  


Mr Wilson Tuesday August 27, 2019

My human did that not existing thing again for a while and i had to use my first one again, but it's back now and here I am helping fold up its detachable fur (disgusting!)

helping folding  

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